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Our Counseling Services 

At Lakaysehaiti Inc., we provide emergency assistance services to those in need of support. Our licensed therapists offer counseling sessions to address any mental health needs you may have. We also offer life coaching and guidance counseling to help you navigate life's challenges. We understand that seeking help can be difficult, but we're here to support you and provide the help you need in a safe and welcoming environment.

Start your online session today


 Our online sessions are designed to review what works for you, so we can create a personalized plan to help you achieve your short and long-term goals. We offer a variety of programs designed to help you navigate life's challenges, including financial assistance, job placement, and educational counseling. Let us help you build the future you deserve.

  • 10 Session Pack

    For achieving short term goals
    Valid for 3 months
    • 10 one on ones and or group lessons
    • Online resources
  • Best Value

    Monthly Unlimited

    Every month
    Unlimited access to counseling, lessons and materials
    • Unlimited lessons
    • Unlimited practice materials
    • Online resources
    • Weekly newsletter
    • One on Ones Support
  • Weekly Private Session

    Every month
    For achieving long term goals
    • 4 lessons
    • Unlimited practice materials
    • Online resources
    • Weekly newsletter
    • Priority support
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