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LaKaySe Haiti Foundation was created by Gynesis Losa Nazere-Buissereth and Rosemie H. Philippe.  The origin of a heartfelt foundation was executed by the duo traveling to their native land since the age of 5. With over 25 years of their remarkable reputation leaving an unforgettable give back experience that continues to impact the people in Haiti.

Gynesis Losa Buissereth is a well-known industry traveling license master cosmetologist and educator.  First generation American born of Haitian decent, Gynesis was birthed in Miami, Florida.   Gynesis endeavored  began a deeper inspiration to learn and help others with guidance. From a humble beginning, Gynesis vision expand giving her a unique eye for beauty and wellness that would manifest through future efforts in her parents homeland in the beauty industry.

Rosemie Philippe is a woman with a purpose. She is greatly influenced by her past and the present of the future.  Her inspiration is drawn from being born in Haiti.  At an early age she began displaying her talents and focusing on mentoring and delivering mental healing.

Both founders received an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justices.  This is where they gained their first experience in human services.  Gynesis had the opportunity to complete her Master in Business Administration with a concentration in Global Technology and Rose completed her Masters in Mental Health. 

The duo sought LaKaySe Haiti which is an Empowerment Foundation that delivers an up close full interactive give back to the people in Haiti and in their residing communities in the United States.  LaKaySe Haiti empowers all while building self-confidence to refresh, revive, and renew mindsets.


Lakay- Meaning My Home ( Where I live) I love to support.  Haiti- Where it all origin the family birth place before coming to United States. 

Presently, LaKaySe Haiti collectively donates to over 5,000 people worldwide in Haiti, Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad, Costa Rica and Africa.  We provide an international outreach that establishes great relationship that allows people to transition back to society.

We believe all can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission
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Our Vision

Our Vision is to establish a unique group of people who operates in their purpose, so we can impact and make a difference in other lives, globally that is committed to promoting values and education for the people of the community nationally; to carry on charitable and educational activities.  Lakaysehaiti is also committed to formulating facilities to serve housing, vocational needs and counseling services.  

We Need Your Support Today!

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