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Our aim is to provide resources and services to people in need of help. Our past and present mission trips have been successful in helping those affected by natural disasters, poverty, and lack of resources.  Our hope is that by providing these services, we can help those in need achieve better lives and futures.  Moreover, the mission is to create lasting change in communities around the world, by providing education, healthcare and other essential resources. Our goal is to empower individuals and communities to break the cycle of poverty and achieve greater success. We work with a team of volunteers and professionals who share our passion for social justice and change. You can view the countries we have traveled to and the services we provided by clicking on the country or city above to learn more about our next upcoming mission.

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Empowering Communities


July 2027- Miami, FL

November 2026- Africa-Kenya

December 2025- Haiti

July 2025- Jamaica

July  2024- Orlando, FL

March 2024- Africa-Ghana

July 2023- Tampa Florida

July 2023- Jamaica 

 Our upcoming mission trip, Impact Africa, will focus on improving the lives of children in Africa by providing access to education, necessary supplies, and healthcare support. We believe that every child deserves to have basic necessities, and we are excited to work towards that goal alongside the local communities.

Haiti Mission- Activated

Jamaica Mission- Activated

Orlando Mission- Activated

Our 2024 mission to Kumasi, Ghana was a resounding success. We engaged with over 400 vibrant students, leaving a lasting impact on the village community. This trip was a testament to the power of service and connection."


As an organization we were devoted to empower 200 children in the Wimauma Florida community. We hosted an exciting event where we were able to provide various engaging activities to children. We believe that with the right resources and encouragement, every child can achieve their fullest potential. Our programs are designed to help children learn, grow, and thrive. Please support us in our mission to create a brighter future for the youth in Wimauma Florida.

We were proud to collaborate with (Tanya Clarke) The Hutchinson Family in a recent project to give back to over 400 children in St. Anne, Jamaica. Our team worked hard to ensure that these children were prepared with the proper school supplies so that they could start their school year with confidence and be successful. Through efforts like this, we are able to make a meaningful impact in the lives of children and communities around the world.

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