We are so excited that Gynesis Lo is using her platform to help us with our endeavors to assit the community.  She is selling her book and all the proceeds goes to Lakaysehaiti.org  In this true life series is a story that you will always remember. If you do not believe in dark spirits, you will believe in people worth tons of money that drive evil in many shapes and forms. Thus, many Haitian could not take living in the country of Haiti that was turning into hell, so thousands had fled the country in man-made boats to start a new life in America. The beginning starts with a new life in Miami, Florida. Gynesis’s story will unveil generating fast money in the 80‘s and the consequences that came with it. Readers will read a glimpse of the hustling life in Haiti as well as the inner cities in Florida. Gynesis’s story goes deeper when inspiration and prophecy of her sibling Marie was revealed for what’s to come in the future. Gynesis’s world turns to the road in winning another type of hustle in Volume 2.

"In the words of a Hustler" Trilogy Pre-Order Fundraising

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  • There is no refund nor return as to the proceesds goes to the foundation.


We support people in the island as well as the United States.  We even open our hearts to Africa now.  We believe we can make a huge impact by changing as much lives as we can.

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