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Let’s Improve Education For Our Female Students

Updated: May 26, 2019

Be that person to motivate the future.

This is more than a powerhouse filled with industry leaders. It is an ongoing experience that our participants will remember for a life time. It's time to create a plan of action! The students will receive practical advice about different methodologies to streamline their understanding and decision-making. Remember our goal is provide information in securing money and growing it successfully.

We strive to help youth throughout the world become more aware of global and local issues, realize their individual capacity and inspire them to take personal action to make positive change. We foster this in our own community..

Annually Event

Lakaysehaiti Inc. umbrella platform call “The Amazing Ones.” hold an interactive session for Dekalb High School of Technology South students and faculty. The goal for this session is to build financial relationships and to educate on the road ahead.

This is a non-traditional fun way to learn how to develop, grow and sustain the venture that wakes students up at night. This session is intended to help students to create an actual business plan mindset, structure the business opportunities for performance (organizationally and financially), build tactical approach plan that creates systems and processes that are strategic and effective for their future career goals. We ensure students will gain knowledge in securing their finance.

We incorporate everyone's background and talent that is on the panel. This is the solution in creating an exciting opportunity for creative minds to learn how to pair their creative talent with much needed qualitative knowledge. It will also teach them how to represent themselves and effectively run a lucrative company and brand. The most important aspect of it all is to present reality.

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