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The Hutchinson Family Give Back in Jamaica

On Saturday July 15, 2023, The Hutchinson Family Giveback at Golden Grove Ochos Rios Jamaica hosted by Tanya Clarke. Tanya’s mother’s family name is Hutchinson birth from Henry and Rosa Hutchinson. Tanya is leading the legacy in remembrance of the matriarch of her grandparents that had tri-yearly gatherings in bringing family all over the world together as a union. This is Tanya second bi annua, giveback and it has grown to catering to 400 kids that exceeded her goal abundantly with the collaboration of Lakaysehaiti Inc., family and friends. It is a pleasure to support the kids where it all began, which is her birth home. Tanya stated that she supported and collaborated with Lakaysehaiti Inc in many missions around the world. She mentions giving back means standing up for a cause for the sole reward of the realization that it has significantly affected a positive change. The next bi-annual mission will be July 19, 2025, and make sure you register as we allow limited registration, and every volunteer must contribute $125.00 to goes towards school supplies and tuition fees. Please email to RSVP must have a valid passport, great energy and must be a people person.

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