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Our Sponsor Kids in Haiti Excited to see us

Our volunteers adopted many kids in Haiti to make sure their needs are meet with food, clothing and school fees.

Lakaysehaiti Inc. created a way for sponsors which they consider volunteers to connect with the kids in Haiti. The founders said it is only right for the sponsors to see who, what and how their funds is being allocated. In essence, the volunteers can give the funds directly with the guidance of the organization.

"This is a Random Act of Kindness to people you never saw before and it is a humbling experience."

Children in Haiti

Over the past four years we have been providing children in Haiti with free care, counseling, tutoring, and mentoring. Many of these children come from broken homes or parents that is no longer alive and our foundation is a haven for them, whenever they need it.

This is only made possible through the generous funding we have received from members that volunteers to travel to Haiti and the citizens of our communities in the United States.

This year we are specifically seeking donations to fund education as the kids in Haiti do not attend school for free, they have to pay tuition monthly.

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