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Natural Disaster in Haiti

The natural disaster of Hurrican Matthew destroyed South Haiti leaving over 500 plus dead. Gynesis Losa Buissereth residing in Atlanta, Georgia and Rose Phillipe residing in Port Charlotte, Florida made a critical decision to step in, and do something that would positively impact their homeland. Tired of seeing the people of Haiti suffer Gynesis sprang into action. She decided to take on the cause to save Haiti along side with her cousin Rose, despite the advice of others to donate and join other nonprofit organization. After tragedy of the earthquake that struck Haiti years before, and with all the money donated with no improvement in the conditions Gynesis wanted to be hands on in the mission. She stated “If I am going to give back, I want to receive the items for Haiti and distribute them myself to the people of Haiti. Gynesis & Rose began to reach out to people by phone, social media, and going to several businesses to request aid in the mission for Haiti. Her friends and family have extended their support themselves to part take in this great mission ranging from Miami, Port Charlotte, New York and Atlanta.

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