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Money out of pocket to support people

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

The mission took a lot of sacrificing without the aid of sponsorship; Gynesis has attended several events across Atlanta where people have dropped off water, medical supplies, food, clothes and monetary donations.  The Haiti Mission alliance came up with a creative way to raise money by having a huge event called “Haircuts & Hair for Haiti” in Atlanta, GA. The mission to raise money was a huge success with the assistance of Untouchable Salon & KeenCutzofAtlanta CEO Jimmie L Gilmore III.  Lakay Se Haiti was able to take 20 volunteers on the mission with the assistant of Naji Foundation Inc. & partners.  The dedicated services in Leogane Haiti was fulfilling.  The massive donations was distributed and as the group left, the people was crying for them to return for they are so thankful.  The group also build homes in Delmas 30 in Port Au Prince for orphans that was sleeping on dirty carpets, their conditions was deplorable; the home took about 7 days to complete and it was a great success.

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