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Mission Trip in Cap Haitien 2019 "Giving Back Thanks"

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

This trip was a great experience and breathtaking as we learned about the people and culture of the North Side of Haiti. This part of Haiti was majority most volunteers first time adventuring. It was so peaceful and beautiful unlike the city of Port Au Prince with a lot of traffic and people. The serenity of the people and the air is a reason to go back.

Cap-Haïtien, also called Le Cap, city, northern Haiti. Founded in 1670 by the French, the city was then known as Cap-Français and gained early renown as the “Paris of the Antilles. We was delighted to bring them essential items as they requested for the goods and we also provided beauty & barber services so the kids can gain their confidence. We actually surprised them with cash at the end so they can spend it on whatever they need additional. We visited about 200 children both at the recreation center and Cape Haiten Baptiste Church.

We would love to thank Tanya Clarke -Watson, Naji Foundation Inc., Walt's Barbershop, Hair by Gynesis, Laurrin Rocking Ham of XXPosur-Hair. Cicily Scissor Hands of Atlanta, Krystal Mental Health Professional, Amonise Massge Therapist in Miami, Calla Johnson Certified to be Naturally.

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