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During COVID19, we still continue our mission in Haiti

Cries were heard and hunger grew even more in Haiti. Everyone is order to stay in doors as the entire world is facing the same. Hardly no food on the shelf or streets, bills can not be paid and time is super hard to maintain a dollar. Lakaysehaiti Inc. managed to collect and match what was collected to purchased what they can now to feed the children in one of the locations that was visited in 2019 in Port Au Prince. We thank our directors in Haiti to make sure the funds was purchased for its intended purposes.

Jean Baptiste went right to action upon the call of duty. We are able with the donation coming in to support the orphanage in Port Au Prince for the next 4 months and upon our visit as well as the other shelter in Cape Haitien. It really takes a village to support and $25 or more goes a very long way.

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