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Covid19 did not stop us for giving back

A country that has more than 11 millions people and being afraid of what they will endure during this time. We was a bit afraid of the economy just being a halt for the people and especially the kids. There is no school, parents can not work with the little they have and no one coming into the country to recycle the american dollars. Once the boarder to Haiti open our organization for on the first flight out. We pass out washable face masks, provided food where the parents can prepare & cook themselves, gave money, hand sanitizers and school supplies praying the school operates back soon. We also educate the importance of keeping a great hygiene and taking care of yourself during this time. We are not afraid but we promote being healthy and social distance but still love with in our distance to our little ones. This was a fulfilling trip and a joy to all to travel and keep supporting Haiti.

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